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Why Choose LFA?


We go beyond providing just film education  

You’ve decided to take the plunge into the filmmaking arena and join the many film legends who’ve gone before you. London Film Academy is here to offer you education like no other school.  We are one of the most innovative schools and offer a personalised, practical and hands-on approach. We take a holistic approach to teaching you the skills you need for life, in order to sustain a career in this fast-paced ever-changing industry. Our collaborative, friendly and inclusive learning environment provides you with: 

  • Multi-disciplinary training with film & TV industry practitioners 

  • Learning by doing - practical courses that allow you to gain hands-on experience in an environment that emulates the realities of the industry

  • Access to professional production equipment, post-production facilities, in-house studios and a screening theatre     

  • Super 16mm film and current digital formats with location sound recording 

  • Your own films finished to full HD-quality image 

  • A relevant, practical and value-for-money film education

  • Courses with no hidden costs (all film budgets are included in course fees) 

  • Financial support and funding advice 

  • Showcases at film festivals and on digital platforms 

  • A centre of excellence 

  • Finished showreel to demonstrate your skillset 

  • Access to a professional network of contacts in the film & TV industry 

  • Teamwork and people skills which are critical for adaptable and creative filmmakers 

  • Exclusive job lists and placement opportunities, careers guidance and mentoring through our inclusive London Filmmakers Academy Filmmaker's Club 

  • A creative and nurturing environment where we foster our values of collaboration, innovation, impact and sustainability through continued student and graduate support 

  • We have been reviewed by Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education

  • LFA is listed as a registered provider on the Office for Students (OfS) Register. The OfS is the regulator of English higher education.

Passion for Film – Skills for Life